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Love Yourself

What is love? Love comes in many forms, with many faces. Some argue once it meets you, it is everlasting while others view it as a visitor who can choose to stay a lifetime or one who comes and goes through time. Some, unfortunately so, do not even believe love exists. Whatever it is that you believe, love comes from within.

You must learn to love yourself. Care for yourself, be kind to yourself before you can love another in a healthy way. What you see in the world is a reflection of what you are and what you see in yourself. If you see love in the world, it is because you yourself are manifesting love. Love exists in everything if only you choose to see the love that exists everywhere.

Love is not just a feeling, it is energy, it is God (whatever you believe to be God, if you do), it is a higher power, it is you and it is me. It is everything we create and everything that ever was. It can not be created or destroyed. An infinite amount of love exists and it is only transferred. Practice self love and self care before you look to love outside of yourself as a way to ease your pain for if it does it will only be temporary. Only loving yourself will have the lasting effects of a lifetime and beyond. Love can cross the boundaries of time, space and even death if you believe.

Loving yourself does and can take work and practice and it is a mindset you may have to consistently remind yourself of depending on your current mindset but the more you find love within yourself the more you will see it in the world and the more it will surround you. Your life becomes your thoughts so make them good! Make them something you want to surround yourself with. Love yourself.

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  1. Yes, love exist in everything. That’s why when someone is in love they partner becomes the perfect specimen, because there’s no flaws in them through your eyes. Another reason why every parent believes to have the perfect offspring.

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