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Genesis Of The Looking Glass: Chapter 3 – The Snake

After many months, the girl encountered a strange beast slithering through the desert sand. This seemingly unwary wanderer, moving his cold blooded phallic looking body gracefully over the warm pale sand twisting, lurking, gliding without legs – what a strange creature…to move without legs and on its belly. It smoothly meanders, stealthily on the prowl, oscillating like a wave over the dry ocean of the desert, cutting through the grains of sand.

The hiss of the snake greeted her and introduced himself and they began to talk. As it spoke, its flickering forked tongue invited her into a trance with its melodious hiss. She told the snake the story of her loss and her travels and hopes. The words of her pain poured out of her under this hypnosis like the tears that flowed out of her eyes. The snake responded with compassion and said it sounded like a great deal of suffering to endure. He asked if she wanted it to end because if so, he could be of help. He told her because she had endured enough suffering he would make it painless as she slept. He even offered her a choice, of a single prick that would leave her slowly fading or a tightness that would not let air enter her body. She thought about it for a moment. She was tired, she was starting to lose faith after these many hard months.

He told her that he was starting to hear the vibrations of her hesitance, as she contemplated his offer. He could sense her fear and longing radiating through the soles of her feet onto the sand and through the sand onto its skin which he sheds from time to time. It heard her trembling. He looks at her through lidless eyes, not once blinking as though focus is it’s forte and as though it’s purpose is to hypnotize all those it encounters as they sink deep into the never ending well of its unflinching dark eyes that close not even for death. Oh how she wished she could shed her skin, be rid of this prison of bones, blood and flesh that cage her soul and be free to rise to the heavens and unite with her glistening, glowing friends. Its as if through the shedding of his skin, he is immortal, constantly renewing himself, a ritual of rebirth that she craved.

It’s sinuous form loyally following her by her side, coiling up on itself at moments like the life force within her cells do, spiraling through the dry waters of the earth and vanishing into the sand as if diving into the depths of the underworld for both pleasure and comfort.  She awakens and there he is, next to her, in a straight stiff line stretching out from head to tail, north to south. And then he moves, a living line that begins to flow with the force of a river and the subtly of blood flowing from her veins.

Then with the pounding force of an infinite amount of light beams radiating onto the earth, nourishing her flesh, burning her skin, she closed her eyes and saw a fire ablaze and she remembered, father sun. He was testing her every day and this was yet another test he had bestowed upon her. She kindly declined the snakes generous offer and said she would be on her way. He offered to accompany her on the remainder of her journey in case she changed her mind but again she refused. She was fearful of giving into temptation in a moment of weakness. While she would have enjoyed the company, she had millions of friends every night who greeted her with their shining smiles.

She learned the value of choice, and treasured it from that moment on…choosing to endure the tests of faith she was given rather than escape through death. When it was her time, death would come sweep her away but it had not proven to be so yet and so…she waited…walked and continued on her journey with the newfound wisdom of the snake.


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  1. Every decision matters. It only take a split of a second to loose sight of the bigger agenda, life is beautiful. It’s the struggles and challenges that life pairs you up with that makes you realize how good it feels to be at the beach on a warm sunny day when you have experience the frigid tempature of the winter.

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