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What’s The Most Beautiful Thing Anyone’s Ever Said To You? Why?

For every person this question will spark up different memories, questions, maybe even a blank mind and panic. To answer this question, first you have to define what beauty means to you. Not what it means to the world, or what you think it should mean, or what you wished it would mean but what it really does mean to you, right now, at this very moment. Or, you could go about answering this question by not overthinking it and just going with whatever comes to mind first, something impactful.

For me, the most beautiful thing anyone has ever said to me was said to me in high school by someone offering me emotional support over something that I had been holding in my whole life. I don’t remember the exact words that were used to get this point across I just remember the feeling it gave me and the immense, life changing impact it has had on me since.

When you harbor a secret, it (can) becomes a bigger deal than it is in actuality, the feeling and weight of this secret boil inside and overtime more pressure builds and it becomes overwhelming, overbearing. The secret can grow inside of you, within the depths of your persona.

Let it breathe, the way wounds need air to heal, secrets need to be exposed, shared, otherwise the burden becomes too great to carry and hold on your own for a lifetime. Don’t share in Atlas’s fate for an eternity. “The truth shall set you free.”

I am not saying that you need you share all of your secrets with everyone, all the time, blindly without considering consequences. Some secrets are worth keeping and out of them you derive pleasure, comfort or simply convenience but some secrets are so great and powerful that they need to be shared. Sometimes, your story is one that needs to be heard for healing and acceptance to begin.

Sharing a secret can be as simple as saying it aloud to yourself and accepting it within yourself, or giving it to the world by means of writing it on a piece of paper and burning it or sharing the secret with a hotline, counselor, doctor, a close friend, a parent, a teacher, a stranger, a pet or even an imaginary friend. However, letting a secret fester inside of you whilst trying to ignore it puts all of your attention and energy into that secret and it overtakes and that is not healthy when you become consumed by the secrets you are keeping and trying to hide from the world. When you’ve kept something in for so long and it comes out, at first it can be shocking but you’ll notice once you begin to let the secret out, over time it becomes a part of life (and people react as so) as opposed to this big, scary, life altering thing that lives inside of you.


Learning to share my secrets, the secrets I viewed as the darkest parts of who I am and what I have been through has been healing. It has helped me heal over the years because the less of a big deal that I make something by sharing it, the less of a big deal the world makes about it, even if it is a big deal it becomes a symbol of strength instead of scrutiny. Sharing has helped me breathe, walk and now I am climbing mountains without the extra weight of my secrets that once weighted me to paralysis and debilitation. I finally feel free which is fitting since my middle name is Freedom.

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