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Imagine That You Can Build A House Out Of Words That Can Protect You From The Rain. What Words Do You Use?

No words can protect me from the rain. No words can ensure the structure of my home, or of myself. No words can ensure that they will stay standing and endure any storm nature brings. No words.

Thoughts on the other hand, thoughts – while they can’t prevent the rain from falling they can alter my perception of each raindrop and the significance that they carry down to earth. Words have power. They have immense power. They may not have the power to build you a house, or protect you from the rain in life but they can change the world, they can change your world and mine.

Originally, my house had no windows or door, just a house, an outline, and a mere 3 droplets of rain. A house can represent the ego, the self, and the safety we all seek while rain represents the outside forces in the world that both destroy and nourish.

I avoid the outside by locking myself inside with no way to see that which has the potential to hurt or to help me. I blind myself out of comfort for loneliness is the worst best friend that I have ever had. I stay out of fear. Fear of the rain.


What words would you use to build a house that could protect you from the rain?

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