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The Deadliest Infectious Disease

There is a type of infectious disease that is lethal. It kills the soul. It is anger. Anger leads to hate and destruction. It is a plague that sweeps through our planets cities, towns and villages, travels by flight, land and sea to infect all those that are willing to let anger enter them and penetrate their walls. This infectious disease is slow in that it kills the soul slowly but fast in how it spreads. It is an invisible threat to humanity, devouring the humanity in each soul it inhabits. It emerged in men, ungrateful, jealous, who let the beast in them run wild and infect others with their toxic tongues and bitter minds. Unlike HIV/AIDS, there is a cure for this disease and that is love and the vaccine is patience. Ground zero for the epidemic of hate lies within the heart of each person. The factor that anger can be instilled in anyone is a reminder that when it comes to this infectious disease, of anger, no place is safe but the sanctuary of one’s own willpower, choices and one’s mind. One must first have awareness of their feelings if they are to battle them and not let them overtake.

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