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Life happens one day at a time and one moment at a time. Even if you do not hear or count the tics of every moment, they happen and pass you by not stopping for anything or anyone. Looking at the big picture, life can seem overwhelming, it can seem too long or too short depending on your mindset. All of your dreams and fears and the things you want to accomplish can seem so far away when you look a life as a whole.

There is no guarantee for a tomorrow, or next week, or next year or the whole life you have imagined. Take life as it comes, one moment as a time and weave it into one day at a time. Take it one step at a time. Break down the mosaic of what you imagine your life to look like into small chewable, digestible bite sizes that you can swallow at one time. Stay in the NOW because it is the only time that you have control over. It is the only moment you know with certainty that you have left. Every moment effects the next so focus on this moment in which you are in control of.

When all you have to focus on is the now, life doesn’t seem as big, scary and overwhelming as it might and it gives you more appreciation and control over the direction you are taking yourself in and your life. You are your life. Take your thoughts one moment at a time and take things slowly. Act one day a time. There’s no need to focus so heavily on a life-plan because life will get in the way and you will need to constantly readjust so for the sake of loving yourself and letting your life go on with ease, take it one day at a time and breathe.


Taking one step at a time makes life much easier to navigate rather than always looking at the big picture.

The years of our life do not arrive all at once; they greet us day by day. With the descent of each setting sun, we are able to rest our heads and let the world take care of itself for a while. We may rest assured throughout the night, knowing that the dawn will bring with it a chance to meet our lives anew, donning fresh perspectives and dream-inspired hopes. The hours that follow, before we return to sleep once more, are for us to decide how we want to live and learn, laugh and grow. Our lives are sweeter and more manageable because we must experience them this way: one day at a time.

The way we show up for our lives today and tomorrow has an enormous  affect on who we will be and what we will be experiencing years from now. If we can remain fully engaged in the day at hand, enjoying all it has to offer and putting our energy into making the most of it, we will find that we are perfectly ready and capable to handle any future when it arrives.

Madisyn Taylor

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  1. I like the sentence, “Stay in the NOW, because it’s the only time you have control over.” That’s so true, the NOW is the only time that you can actively influence. And although I believe that it’s a good thing to recap and learn from your experiences, what’s done is done and it cannot be “fix” or change. Time moves forward with us or without us, it’s your decision to keep up or be left behind.


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