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Cacophony – Your voice

The harsh clamoring of your voice began to drown out love. Overwhelming my senses, leading me into the darkness, my mind followed the discordant cocktail of sounds formulating your voice into the depth of the dark wood that is your being.

 Hoping I would get lost, you drew me in like quicksand until it filled up to my chest, a heaviness leaving my heart still within my ribs and my body breathless as the sand rose up to my mouth, filling my lungs and leaving me speechless. The sand continued to rise up my body as if climbing my flesh as a ladder to the heavens. Rising as the tide, filling my ears, leaving me deaf, up it crept, up to my eyes leaving me blind in darkness. 

I could no longer hear your voice as you swallowed me whole. All that remained were the memories of this voice, your voice, filling my mind moment after moment as I lay in loneliness. Submerged in your darkness with only the memory of your voice, the voice that gave birth to my death, I yearned for silence but instead was greeted in each moment by the echo of you, rippling throughout time.


Daily Prompt

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