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Ripples That Blossom From The Cocoon

Every choice ripples out from the safe cocoon of the bud blossoming out into the world. The foundation stemming from that bud will never be lost for all growth stems from here. Know that every action, word and choice you make has rippled out from somewhere and will continue to ripple out into the world.

What kind of impact do you want to have? What kind of ripples do you want ever flowing from your aura?
All that flows stems from the Sacred Self. Peel back the layers of ego, the layers of hurt and anger, as well as the layers of illusion that cloud the universal essence. This universal essence is untainted, pure and sacred for she, she embodies the bones of your soul. Your Sacred Self is your impenetrable foundation clouded by this human experience. Our challenge is to dig through the weight of being human to reconnect with her even if only for a moment.
| Blush Rose |

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